The Matriarch Foundation is a young foundation working hands on in the field of conservation and community involvement.
The Matriarch Foundation works towards a "Blueprint"scenario. This blueprint can eventually be implemented anywhere as long as certain requirements are met.

Various ingredients have to be present in order to make any project a success. By success we mean the ability of the project to continue in a sustainable manner. 

Sustainable=under your own steam and for the long haul=Duurzaam (Dutch)

The Matriarch Foundation's aim is to help create an economically healthy project that benefits the situation on many levels. On our own we cannot realise the succes of a project but together with our partners, sponsors, other organisations and coalitions working on a local, regional, national and even  international level, it is possible to create a completely sustainable situation.


therefore, is of vital importance to us, but even more important to the project itself.