This tragedy in Chobe, Botswana can be prevented from happening again. 
An elephant mother was killed and her 6 month old baby could not be taken into rehab due to government and park regulations. Dr. Clay Wilson, Chobe Wildlife Rescue, has been fighting this policy and recently finally managed to get the permission to build a rehabilitation center. Funding is needed to realise the plan but unfortunately a baby elephant in need could not wait for this.....200 kilo's of pure terror and panic, traumatized by the events needed a safe shelter in order to be rehabilitated which sadly at this point in time is not yet available . Clay at least managed to dart it so it could be taken away from harrassment and ignorance of the local people chasing it. 
Because his home does not provide a situation where a young ele can rehabilitate he was forced to make the heartbreaking decision to leave it at a waterhole where many elephants come to drink all day long.The young calf has since been taken into a herd because not a trace has been found in the 2 days since it happened. 
Matriarch Foundation has offered to made funding available for the construction of an emercency shelter and Clay will start working on this asap just in case the baby is spotted again or to be ready for the next little ele orphan thats need rescueing.
We urgently need your financial support for Dr. Clay Wilson. Look under Donations to see how you can help.