• Construction of an emergency shelter in Chobe - Botswana for orphaned baby elephants   - This project had to be put on hold sadly as Clay Wilson was forced to leave the country by the authorities. We are hoping there will be someone else in the future who can establish an orphanage in Botswana which we can add to the Orphanages network.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  •  Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, Protection and Education Centre - A SUNI RIDGE project - SA when a rampant bushmeat trade, poaching, smuggling and an altogether blatant disregard for animal life goes hand in hand with unbridled hunger for money and there is no control but corruption everywhere, the need for this center is a burning one.

  • Setting up a network of orphanages to take in elephant and rhino calves in countries in Africa. - As poaching is completely spiralling out of control all over Africa the need for safe places for these innocent victims to go to is rising rapidly.

    Partners in the network so far:
    - Jumbo Foundation in Malawi -
        -  SOS elephants in Chad -

         - Zambia elephant orphanage -    park-protection-programme-incorporating-the-elephant-orphanage-project/

        - We are hoping to add Tanzania to the network soon.

  • Helping elephant calves that need medical attention through  Practise The White Elephant -                                                                                                                                                          2 little elephant calves are currently receiving treatment , MOSES ELE in Malawi   and Mr. Tembo in Tanzania.